Its  music of your soul
even huge ocean begins with  a small Brook



Welcome please to the music label *Golitsyn* (the United Kingdom)
Record label was created by the musician, composer and DJ Ilya Golitsyn in 2008.
The label issued some 30 singles and 2 music CDs.
Ilya is a musician, composer, arranger and producer data releases.
He works in the style of Ambient and Chill out music.

But in june 2012, he decided to make a new Melodic Trance program for nightclubs.
Only in June-Jule 2012  he was released 5 trance singles:
" Back to the  Leiden "
" Galaxy Heart "
" A few happy days in London"
" Voices of Zeta Orionis "
" Cheryl
" (dear Cheryl! You`re my favorite singer ! This music i devote to you!)

He is planning to release 2-3 new tracks every month
You can get the latest news in our Twitter.

My sincere thanks to Dom Kerley! He`s the Great British producer!
I'm proud of what he does for British dance music around the world. God bless him and his family!

Ilya was confident in the success of his record label and never stops on achieved.
You can find all progressive trance tracks in the Top online worldwide  stores


The label will be happy to collaborate with musicians, worlds DJs and radio stations.
We`re ready to make remixes in progressive trance style.
Write please on the label email.
all copyrights on music and musical releases are protected in the United Kingdom.

/Your music tracks on the Golitsyn music label(Leeds, United Kingdom)
Please send Demos on golitsynmusiclabel@gmail.com
for booking requests please write : golitsynmusiclabel@gmail.com /
with our kind regards,
Ilya Golitsyn, Paul Volniansky, John Trump

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The author is grateful to the British Music companies,Alexandra Merkulova, Dom Kerley, Connor Devine, Cheryl Cole, Jason Butler-Boffey, Paul Volniansky, Rosemary Nolan  for their assistance and support,
Many thanks to American and Ukrainian  programmers for help!
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